People Who Could Not Be Doing It More Wrong


Some people do things in the prong way but it’s usually passable. You think to yourself “that’s not so bad”. Well these people do not fit into that category. I have to feel bad for some of them…But even though, I cannot help but take pleasure in seeing these cringeworthy moments.

Failed attempt to decorate spaghetti.

Putting on your shoes…Derp.

That’s…Kind of a harsh punishment.

  That is NOT the definition of leg press.

 So close, and yet so far…

 He’s so cute, his mama didn’t even care he’s about to fall!

Accessible to make you more crippled.

  Well, can’t say she didn’t succeed in that.

 She might not have done it on purpose but still…

“WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED” in grease?!

Door is just being PC towards six fingered people.

The irony in this situation is killing me.

 Ahh… The ol’ Star wars-Star Trek clash. It never fails me with it’s failure.

The marketing game is strong with this one… I mean, it’s 3D!!!

She is so into it too… Girl on the right knows what’s up.

 I mean… If you aint gonna close it back right?

Just flip the figgin’ thing!

Everything is just so wrong in this one. Eating a fat subway sandwich and fasting just doesn’t connect with me.

“Pedi File”, best used for children.

That pose. Can’t say it’s wrong for eveyone!

Gym wardrobe malfunction. How could this ever be comfortable?

No! Stahp! Youre doing it too wrong!!!

 He is literaly ‘going on the bus’. Bus driver is like: “Eyy, whatever floats your beat!”