Genius Inventions You Need In Your Life. #9 Is Sensational


Chargeable batteries using USB

Cups to keep your table tidy! The drips will never reach the bottom

Benches that rotate so you can always have a dry seat


Red lights with a bar that shows you when they’ll change.

Pen that transfers any color it scans onto a surface

Never will you lose your keys with this little Bluetooth tracking device!

Racks that are built into the sidewalk

Fresh pizza vending machine!

Lights that tell you where the free spots are at

Hot and cold drinks can charge your phone with this device

Pay your subway ticket by recycling bottles

Pay your subway ticket by recycling bottles

Much easier to clean

Extension cords that are built into the wall outlet

To keep you entertained at all times

A fun and fast way to get down past the stairs

You can expand AND rotate those power strips

A packing strip that you can easily pull open

Like so:

Eat your pringles like a boss

Excellent for those rainy days

A bit humorous signs

To make it possible to cuddle in the movies

Easy to fill your bottle with water fountain

These have built in USB ports