3 Sisters Get Pregnant At The Same Time, But The One In The Middle’s Water Breaks Too Soon


Iowa sisters Alyssa Amundson and Areal Griffin had visibly growing baby bump’s when they learned that their younger sister was pregnant too.

However, the excitement turned into a scare when their pregnancies did not go as smoothly as planned.

Areal’s water broke at 30 weeks. The mother gave birth to twins who would stay at the NICU until they were stable enough to go home.

Then five weeks later, Alyssa began to have contractions. The mother required an emergency C-section nine weeks before her baby boy was due. Alyssa’s son would also be confined to the NICU.

The sisters were looking forward to spending their maternity leaves together as new mothers. Instead they are bonding over their preemies.

“It’s been amazing because you know, you are kind of living out of the hospital, and you just want to have a little bit of home. And so then, having her here, we’re really close,” Alyssa said.

All three babies are doing well and the twins are expected to go home soon. In the meantime the sisters are using each other for moral support.

“You kind of got to make the best out of a bad situation,” Areal said. “It’s been very helpful emotionally for us.”

Things may not have gone exactly as planned but the sisters show that a good family support system can provide the solidarity needed to get through a difficult situation.

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