How To Light Up Your iPhone’s Apple Logo Just Like A Macbook!


#1 Light Up Apple Logo

Do you know that you may remove darkness from your apple emblem for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?

#2 Light Kit

You can want the sunshine equipment which features a device package, LED strip, insulation, and tape.

#3 To Start

First, you can wish to flip off your telecellphone.

#4 Open The Phone

Subsequent, cast off the 2 screws which are situated on the backside of your telecellphone the usage of the incorporated pentalobe screwdriver.

#5 Pull Off Screen

Use the integrated suction cup and pry device to separate the display from the bottom.

#6 Inside

Put off the connectors and silver steel plate subsequent.

#7 Last Steps

Eliminate the battery and scrape the tape from the monitor, so they can divulge three steel connectors. The usage of the screwdriver, that you can peel the silver layer off. Position the LED on prime of the apple emblem, then change the battery and your entire connectors, hanging the telecellphone again collectively.