I Let My Husband Pick My Outfits For a Week


Letting someone else select outfits for you is a very crazy idea for most people because you never know what would they select for you and as a courtesy you can’t even say no because it was your brilliant idea in the first place. But in this world full of surprises, things can turn out unexpectedly better as happened with this woman Caitlyn who let her husband, Colin pick her outfits for an entire week as part of an experiment. Let’s see what happens.

Her wardrobe was full of different kinds of outfits like any other woman and she rarely wears most of them. Because sometimes the occasion was not right and sometimes the dress and she often finds herself nothing to wear. Her reaction was, “His choices really surprised me.”








Although they had no plans for Sunday, Colin still chose a beautiful black dress that Caitlyn rarely wore. “Colin wanted me to feel elegant and feminine even at home. I have a black dress I simply adore, but I rarely find the occasion to wear it. As it turned out, I don’t need to look for one. Life with my husband is one great wonderful occasion that’s worth dressing up for every day.”

Caitlyn was surprised and amazed by her husband’s selection of outfits. They were not only cute and elegant but perfect for wearing any day or any time. “Every morning, when putting on the clothes my husband chose for me and looking in the mirror, I smiled happily.”

She concluded by giving a beautiful advice to all the couples out there. “I realized something important. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. You don’t need to look for the right occasion to put on an evening dress or sneakers with a T-shirt. If you feel comfortable in this, don’t hesitate for a second; if you feel confident in this, don’t hesitate for a second; if your husband looks at you with eyes full of adoration, don’t hesitate for a second. Try to ask your spouse to pick out an outfit for you for at least one day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.”