She Painted Glue On Brand New Speakers, And The Reason Why Is Genius!


#1 Here are the tools Brooke from WhatsUpMoms on YouTube uses to transform a pair of boring sneakers:

Material, cloth glue, scissors, an Exacto knife, and a paintbrush.

#2 She cuts some lace and places it against the shoe for reference.

Then, she brushes a liberal quantity of material glue onto the sneakers.

#3 She presses the lace swatch against the shoe and smooths away any air bubbles.

Then, she repeats the method so as to add lace to the heel. Some other layer of glue is brushed over the material to make trimming it more straightforward after it dries.

#4 Next, she trims the excess lace with scissors and cuts out the finer details with an Exacto knife.

And remaining of all, she brushes another layer of glue across the seams for sturdiness.

#5 The finished sneakers.

These make improbable style put on for youngsters and adults.